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Important Questions to Ask a Potential Employer

Automotive Technician JobsYour online search for automotive jobs has found you a few to apply for, but that’s not the end of your task.

When you get an interview, it’s a chance to sell yourself as an employee, and for the employer to sell the merits of working for their company. They ask questions, and you answer. That’s the first part of the formula, and then they flip it around with the typical “Do you have any questions for us?”

You need to answer affirmatively. If you don’t, it will appear that you’re not truly interested in the job or you haven’t taken time to prepare. You need to ready yourself for an interview by thinking about what the employer will ask and how to answer. You also have to consider what you would like to know about the company and how those questions will show you are engaged and eager to work with them.

As a way to help you get started, our team at Automotive Jobs Inc. has come up with a few important questions you can ask during an interview and ones you shouldn’t ask.

We’ll start with the no-nos. Don’t ask about benefits, salary, vacations, or anything similar. This information will be covered in a job offer.

You should ask:

  • What should I expect during my first week?
  • What equipment do you have in the shop?
  • Do I need to supply my own tools?
  • What training is offered to keep pace with the industry?

The Benefits of Using a Job Board

Automotive Employment Opportunities You can spend your time searching endlessly across the internet for sites that post jobs and then sorting through those lists to narrow down your choices. It sounds like a very time-consuming task, and it is. If you’re interested in a career in a certain field you need to refine your search options.

There is not much point, or much help, in searching for ‘job vacancies’ when what you are really searching for is ‘automotive technician job vacancies’ or something similar. Such a search may prove helpful, but it’s still a broad approach when applied online.

Using a job board is an effective solution to the problem of a very wide search. It helps define the choices to the focus of the industry supported by the board. Not only that, reputable and convenient boards such as ours at Automotive Jobs Inc. allow you to create a profile and set up job alerts. Some boards also have a discussion feature that lets you share tips with fellow job seekers or ask for help. It’s a one-stop-shopping approach which saves you plenty of time and effort.

For an effective way to find job openings that appeal to you, and to connect with potential employers, an automotive employment opportunities job board is your best friend.

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Tips for Finding a Career in the Automotive Industry

As the gig economy becomes a more and more popular model for many businesses, it can be difficult to find true careers in the automotive industry. Part-time and as-needed mechanics are everywhere, but many of them never seem to progress to a more stable situation. If you want something more, here are a few ways to go about seeking a dependable career:

Make Your Intentions Clear — Many people with valuable skills end up in precarious positions because they simply never tell employers that they’re looking for a career opportunity. While it’s great to let your work speak for itself, sometimes direct communication is all it takes to open up a world of possibility.

Network Where Possible — If you know others who have found great jobs, don’t be afraid to follow their lead or discuss your own goals. They might be able to point you to opportunities you won’t find any other way or provide invaluable references.

Search on — Often, the best way to find a great job is to have all your options in one place. On, you can compare tons of openings and filter according to what you’re looking for, all from the comfort of your home.