Posts made in January 2020

Hiring Automotive Technicians

How to Recruit & Retain the Best Automotive Technicians

In a time when most companies finally understand that their personnel is its most valuable asset, the automotive industry faces an additional challenge. The automotive technician shortage. The goal of this article is assisting dealers, shop owners and service managers to get into the right mindset in order to recruit, but most importantly, retain the best automotive service technicians. Continue Reading

How To Buy Auto Mechanic Tools Without Getting Caught in a Predatory Loan

Picture this: you have nailed the interview and got hired for the job of your dreams as a diesel mechanic, automotive technician or auto body repair specialist. Life is great and you are amped when you realize that you’re missing some essential tools. If you’re not paying attention, tools can get expensive fast and since it will ultimately be an investment into your new career it is easy to justify the expense and get lured by the siren call of financing. Continue Reading