auto mechanic working under the hood of a car

Tips for Finding a Career in the Automotive Industry

As the gig economy becomes a more and more popular model for many businesses, it can be difficult to find true careers in the automotive industry. Part-time and as-needed mechanics are everywhere, but many of them never seem to progress to a more stable situation.
If you want something more, here are a few ways to go about seeking a dependable career:

Make Your Intentions Clear — Many people with valuable skills end up in precarious positions because they simply never tell employers that they’re looking for a career opportunity. While it’s great to let your work speak for itself, sometimes direct communication is all it takes to open up a world of possibility.

Network Where Possible — If you know others who have found great jobs, don’t be afraid to follow their lead or discuss your own goals. They might be able to point you to opportunities you won’t find any other way or provide invaluable references.

Search on — Often, the best way to find a great job is to have all your options in one place. On, you can compare tons of openings and filter according to what you’re looking for, all from the comfort of your home.